Miss Meloncholy's Melody of Misfortune.

This was for a psychology assignment. I dream a lot about food. I dream about adventures through cookie and ice crème land. I do have a fear of being alone, but I already am alone. Normally my poetry is all happy and bubbly, but this time, I didn’t feel like being that way. So here goes…

Frequent dreams of cherry top mountains,

vanilla valleys, and chocolate reservoirs

Believed to represent an apparent fear of loneliness

Miss Melancholy suddenly seizes her melancholy melody,

Picks up her honeycomb harp of happiness,

And secludes herself from reality

She would much rather live this fantasy

Filling the deep holes in her heart with synthetic smiles

Ever think that one whose face brightens the world

Could really be an actress?

Veiling her “no smile” with a mask of a “noh smile”?

She hides the truth.

She convinces herself—

Independence is peace.

Aware the statement is pure deception.

A true special other is too much for her to ask for.
She is an abandoned ship

With an anchor in her heart

In desperate need of a nearby captain

To come and lift it out

and pull her back to shore

to a town where she is loved

just as a true captain would.

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What's cookin home skillets?
I'm Allie fluffin Sailboat.
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I've had Arthritis since the age of 4.
I have a doggie named Mr. Leno, + a kitty named Lucky.
I am very poetic + artistic.
I love to play piano + I suck balls at guitar,
but "pelvic thrust" your couch. I will play anyway.
I really want to learn the harp + viola.
I'm working on an acoustic project called The Amity Ship.
I'm considering making it a mini orchestra.
I am very adventurous + I'm going to sail the world!
No one, I repeat, NO ONE is going to stop me or my crew!
I am open minded + pretty much up for anything.
I hope to save the world someday on my journeys!

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