A Cockslap To The Face.

Brown hair, blue eyes, amazing silhouette
I get so hard thinking of her
Can't wait to get her wet

She'll cum harder as it drips on my face
I'll lick up each + every drop
not letting any go to waste

High heels, miniskirt, nothing underneath
"I'll be there in an hour..." she said
Can't wait 'til we finally meet

Here she arrives at my front door
I take her to my room
and her clothes drop to the floor

All but her miniskirt falls
She goes down aggressively
as I lean up against the wall

At the speed of light her tongue swirls around my dick
I get harder + harder
with each and every fucking lick

Down to my balls is where her tongue glides
I soon start to climax
as she looks in my eyes

I pull away, slap her face, made her beg + plead
I made her become my little bitch
as she got down on her knees

I walk up to her + beat off with such grace
Gazing into her innocent eyes
I blew a load on her face

She licks her lips, pushes me on the bed, says "It's your turn now..."
She pushed me with her strong arms
+ says "I'll really show you how..."

She laid on her back, wore a smile, made me spread her thighs
Even more aroused I did so
Woah! What a surprise!

She had a big hard juicy cock
I couldn't get away fast enough
for it was a she being mocked

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I've had Arthritis since the age of 4.
I have a doggie named Mr. Leno, + a kitty named Lucky.
I am very poetic + artistic.
I love to play piano + I suck balls at guitar,
but "pelvic thrust" your couch. I will play anyway.
I really want to learn the harp + viola.
I'm working on an acoustic project called The Amity Ship.
I'm considering making it a mini orchestra.
I am very adventurous + I'm going to sail the world!
No one, I repeat, NO ONE is going to stop me or my crew!
I am open minded + pretty much up for anything.
I hope to save the world someday on my journeys!

Bon apitit! <3

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