Your Shitz Weak. My Shitz Deep.

The sunrise is at its peak.
To sleep or not to sleep?
My childish brain cells play their hide + seek.
But gracefully and in sync like Imogen Heap.
With my ego so unique.
Leaving me the black sheep.
With my hair decorated with a blue streak.
I master this ballet leap.
Leaving behind the Gucci fragrance I reek.
In my cabinet is the Passion Flower tea I seep.
On my counter are cookies my dog will earn if he will speak.
At the other end of the house, an alarm let's out an obnoxious beep.
Mum steps into the kitchen + glances at me so bleak.
She says, "Are you high Allie Sailboat? go to fluffin sleep!"


Copyright 2010 Allie Sailboat

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Main Ingredients:

What's cookin home skillets?
I'm Allie fluffin Sailboat.
I speak a lil Japanese + I've been dancing my heart out since the age of 3.
I've had Arthritis since the age of 4.
I have a doggie named Mr. Leno, + a kitty named Lucky.
I am very poetic + artistic.
I love to play piano + I suck balls at guitar,
but "pelvic thrust" your couch. I will play anyway.
I really want to learn the harp + viola.
I'm working on an acoustic project called The Amity Ship.
I'm considering making it a mini orchestra.
I am very adventurous + I'm going to sail the world!
No one, I repeat, NO ONE is going to stop me or my crew!
I am open minded + pretty much up for anything.
I hope to save the world someday on my journeys!

Bon apitit! <3

You can add me on myspace too.
I'm mad friendly.
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